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WEBSITE: Ubuntu Network – teacher education for sustainable development


A key, third-level website with a significant, immediately useable range of materials based significantly in teaching practice at a variety of levels. Ubuntu offers many generic DE resources as well as subject-specific materials; a range of research-focused papers and presentations; videos, power-point presentations and onward web connections organised around 7 specific issues. The best site for getting a flavour of what’s happening at Third Level in DE in Ireland.

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The Ubuntu Network supports the integration of Development Education into post-primary Initial Teacher Education (ITE) in Ireland. It is funded by Irish Aid, Development Education and Civil Society Section, which is located within the Department of Foreign Affairs.The Ubuntu Network is located in the Department of Education and Professional Studies at the University of Limerick.

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Visit the Ubuntu Network website

Innovative Pedagogies & Practices of good practice from initiatives aimed at integrating Development Education into the post-primary curriculum

A full catalogue of research papers and reports (integrating DE within ITE; attitudes and uptake of DE in ITE; evaluating DE in ITE; critical media literacy for DE; innovative pedagogies and practices in DE; understanding academic disciplines for integrating DE)

The Ubuntu Network organises regular conferences (Dialogue Days), which are open to all members and non-members, and draw on the experience of Ubuntu projects