Our Approach

For nearly two decades developmenteducation.ie has emerged as a key online reference point for information, activities, learning and resource support for educators (across a variety of user groups in formal and non-formal educational sectors) concerned with issues of human development, human rights, development co-operation and development education (DE).

Throughout this time the website has remained firmly committed to its aim of being a ‘development’ focused website rooted in promoting the awareness and understanding of issues, in particular, as they relate to the Developing World. This is delivered within an educational context that has enabled educators to engage more fully with a broad range of global issues. This focus has animated the growth of the website in its core dimensions.

Overall programme goal: to contribute to building an informed, targeted constituency in Ireland who are empowered to engage with and take appropriate positive action to promote global human development, human rights and the broader international citizenship agenda.

The strategic direction of the current 5-year phase (2018-2022) of the programme concentrates on achieving 3 distinct levels to reach its overall Programme Goal:

  1. Website Content and functionality: increased support to users to improve their knowledge and capacity in development issues and Development Education, through strengthening the content and usability of the site.
  2. Consortium Effectiveness: a robust, consortium based structure that will collectively deliver an effective high quality developmenteducation.ie programme.
  3. End-user engagement: developmenteducation.ie is used more extensively and effectively by a wider range of individuals and organisations, leading to a better informed and engaged constituency aware of the importance and value of DE and its role in contributing directly to development co-operation more broadly.