Event: What You Need To Know About The Food Systems Summit 2021

The 2021 UN Food Systems Summit is a historic opportunity to fix our broken food systems. But what is it?, when is it? and why does it really, really, matter?

Join us for an open discussion with Q&A format to find out what’s happening at the summit and how you can play a role in transforming how we produce and consume food and meeting the challenges of climate change.

Date: Thurs Feb 11th, 2021
Duration: 40 minutes
Discussion and Q&A
Format: online registration via Zoom

Hosted by

  • Olive Towey, Senior Policy Advisor on Hunger, Concern Worldwide
  • Sophie Healy-Thow, host of Midday Snackbox podcast and University College Cork food activist

Of interest to consumption activists, waste campaigners, food justice campaigners, chefs, home economics teachers and more!

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