Trends Report 2023

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Living with Covid-19 as the fourth year of the pandemic drove public policy on health issues and social contact on the ground everywhere well into 2023. It was a year characterised by shock earthquake events and peace and conflict issues as the Russian invasion of Ukraine entered its second year and the latest and most extreme violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict took place.

Still underway, the conflicts effected supply chains, accommodation centres and emergency support measures across the EU, including in Ireland.

This short impact and web trends report reflects some of the headline data from across 2023 on with resources, launches, public events and guides for educators on a range of emerging topics.

Our thanks to everyone who used the website, joined our events, worked in partnership with us on so many ways and generally reached out on social media or otherwise.

Be seeing you in 2024.

Highlights from 2023

Website visits in 2023
Social media impressions (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube)
Teaching resources added to the resources library
Number of people who engaged with the programme through 6 workshops, events, surveys and an advisory panel

Events such as...

Workshop: Empathy in a Divided World led by Brighid Golden

Workshop: A teachers’ guidebook to ‘greenwashing’ led by Rachel Elizabeth Kendrick

Spotlight 2023

One of the most popular posts of the year was a 3-point guide to Palestine and Israel for educators, circulated widely with for educators looking to make sense of the latest and most extreme violence in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Coming soon...

A new members area

Our World Food Day campaign launched an infographic on the topic of water and 5 yakeaways from the The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World report 2023, in partnership  with Scoilnet, Concern Worldwide, Self Help Africa and

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