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Challenging Perspectives: Teaching globalisation and diversity in the knowledge society


This resource is a collection of essays from expert contributors in which the fundamentals of teaching globalisation in the classroom are discussed. The two major themes of the resource are ‘Contemporary challenges in teaching and learning about globalisation and diversity’ and ‘challenging perspectives of the world in the classroom’

Contibuting authors include: Barbara O’Toole, Anna Dillon, Dierdre O’Rourke, Son Gyoh, Gerry Jeffers, Sean Bracken, Aine Clerkin, Brietta McDonnell, Nell Regan and Ronan Ward

Resource Details

  • Author: Matthias Fiedler and Astrid V Pérez Piñán
  • Publishers: DICE Project, Irish Aid
  • Country of Publication: Ireland
  • Year: 2008
  • Page Count: 84


Written in an academic format, with full referencing, the 6 essays within this resource are as follows:

  • Separating ‘development and inter cultural education’: meeting the needs of 21st-century Ireland

  • The role of technology in addressing contemporary teaching and learning challenges

  • Imaging of the South vs images from the South

  • Beyond the image: the intersection of education for development with media literacy

  • Teaching and learning in plurilingual schools: lessons from classrooms in Dublin 15

  • Who Lives Here?’ Developing children’s awareness and knowledge of cultural diversity: a school-based project

The final essay also comes with an appendices of useful resources

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