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Finding Our Voice: a resource on debating world development


Using the ‘art of debating’ as a platform for learning about global development issues and big ideas, Finding Our Voice is an ideas and activities resource.

It is designed to support debates about world development and human rights issues in post primary schools, youth groups and at community level and offers a range of debate materials, practical tips and tools for organising debates and a review and assessment section.

Resource Details

  • Author: Tony Daly, Michael Doorly, Ciara Regan and Colm Regan
  • Publisher: Concern Worldwide
  • Country of Publication: Ireland
  • Year: 2012
  • Page Count: 68


Finding Our Voice is a practical, ‘hands-on’ resource using debating as a platform for learning.

It has been written as an accessible guide to debating world development for teachers and educators who may not have done ‘debates in the classroom’ before, and is based on Concern’s experience of running the national Concern Debates competition over the past 30 years.

Designed to complement Transition Unit plans, the Welsh Baccalaureate, the Junior Cycle (Media Studies, CSPE) and the Leaving Certificate (Geography, English, Economics, History and Business Studies).

This resource aims to:

  • Use active and self-reflecting techniques
  • Introduce the concepts of human development, human rights and human dignity
  • Identify values and develop positive attitudes towards self, others, the environment and the wider world
  • Promote awareness of political, economic, and social issues impacting on the developing world (civic social and political education)
  • Guide analysis of material, enabling the student to make a good argument, defend an argument while listening to the opposing point of view and learn to challenge assumptions both personal and societal
  • Help develop proficiency in critical thinking, research, public speaking and debate
  • Encourage co-operation with team members and recognise how different roles can contribute to the overall goals
  • Provide opportunities to take action at local as well as global level on sustainable human development

Finding Our Voice includes:

  • A guide to debating world development issues in schools and elsewhere
  • A range of teaching methods and active learning approaches for educators, depending on available time and resources
  • Background information and analysis on development issues and the value associated with debating world development
  • 10 starter activities, 30 sample motions, worksheets, assessment and evaluation sheets, skill drills and methodology supports

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