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Tools for Solidarity Action Pack


Tools For Solidarity delivers an Education For Sustainable Development programme to primary schools, youth groups and adult community groups in Belfast and the wider area. This Education for Sustainable Development programme has been designed to create awareness about poverty, global injustice, environmental issues and sustainability.

The programme encourages participants to be more conscious of their actions, as well as helping them to have a critical understanding of the connections between local and global.

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This programme consists of 8 sessions for primary schools using interactive learning techniques to engage participants in the activities. The programme comes with a ‘Tools for Solidarity Activity Pack’ and each topic is supported by a lesson plan and powerpoint. The programme covers:

  1. Learning about inequalities
  2. Learning about Poverty
  3. Natural resources and reducing waste
  4. Fairtrade
  5. Relative poverty
  6. Extreme poverty
  7. Climate Change: Causes and Impacts
  8. Climate Change: Action

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Download Tools for Solidarity Activity Pack PDF

Session 1: Learning about Inequality

Session 2: Learning about Poverty

Session 3: Natural resources and reducing waste

Session 4: Fairtrade

Session 5: Relative Poverty

Session 6: Extreme Poverty

Session 7: Climate Change: Causes and impacts

Session 8: Climate Change: Action

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