The Irish Global Solidarity in 100 Objects podcast series showcases a selection of interviews and talks featuring educators, activists and campaigners based on the stories behind the 100 objects featured in the exhibition.
Produced by developmenteducation.ie and hosted by Ciara Regan.
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From the 1904 Casement Report detailing abuses in the Congo Free State which was under the private ownership of King Leopold II of Belgium to Mary Robinson’s role as High Commissioner for Human Rights, Irish people have been active as rapporteurs on human rights issues internationally.

For episode 2, Ciara Regan caught up with Michael D. Higgins, ninth President of Ireland, to discuss the parliamentary debate motion he tabled in December 1981 about a massacre in El Salvador during his first year as an elected TD.

Episode 1: Irish Call for Justice for Palestine with Kevin Squires

Between 27th December 2008 and 14th January 2009, Israel launched a massive and unprecedented assault on the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

For episode 1, Ciara Regan caught up with Kevin Squires, national co-ordinator of the Ireland Palestine Campaign (IPSC), who was involved in a 1-page ‘call’ published in the Irish Times in January 2009. Kevin recalls the action, involving hundreds of donations to pay for the call’s publication and the ‘call’ aimed at the Irish government as a series of demands, including ceasing its purchase of Israeli medical products and services, to demand that Israeli reverse its settlement, construction and annexation of land in accordance with Security Council resolutions and to boycott Israeli goods and services until Israel abides by international law.

This the story of the Irish Call for Justice for Palestine.

Introducing 'Irish Global Solidarity in 100 Objects'

Based on the pop-up event in March 2020, the Irish Global Solidarity in 100 Objects exhibition is a snapshot of Irish engagement with global cultural, political and social issues over the past 50 years. This podcast series will explore a number of the 100 objects featured in the exhibition through the stories from the people involved in bringing them about.


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