#100objects podcast episode 3: ‘I Run the World’ and 75:25 with Martyn Turner

Cartoons have a lot to say about the state of the world. As one of Ireland’s most prolific pencils in the business, Martyn Turner’s political cartoons are unavoidably challenging.

In a career spanning more than four decades, he has raised questions of justice, equality, contradiction, responsibility, hypocrisy, accountability, rights and wrongs on a weekly basis in the pages of the Irish Times.

In this episode of the Irish Global Solidarity in 100 Objects podcast, guest host, teacher, activist and development educator Colm Regan interviews colleague and friend Martyn Turner on the perils, dilemmas and trade-craft as a cartoonist.

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Martyn’s work has featured in education resources, books, workshop hand-outs and on PowerPoints as a part of the teacher’s go-to ‘stimulus’ materials on global justice and human rights issues as well as public campaigns on issues such as ending Apartheid in South Africa.

This the story of editorial cartooning in 1980s and beyond.

Cartoons mentioned in this episode include (with thanks to Martyn and the Irish Times):

Source: Martyn Turner, February 24, 2021
Source: Our diseased world by Martyn Turner, Feb 9 2021
Source: 75:25 by Martyn Turner, 1984
Source: Martyn Turner, 1985

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  • With thanks to Martyn Turner for joining us for episode 3, which was recorded remotely under lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. For more, check out Martyn’s ‘toons on The Irish Times.

The Irish Global Solidarity in 100 Objects podcast is hosted by Ciara Regan.
Episode three was guest host Colm Regan and produced by Dylan Creane, Tony Daly and Ciara Regan.
Music by Jump Lead

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