7th December 2018

Final-seven finalist in the 2018 Development Issues series, Ethan Kudler, believes ending poverty means ending poverty everywhere, both near and far.

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Trends Report: Top 20 resources of 2018

The results are in from the most accessed resources of 2018 in the resources library, and the findings cover teaching packs, learning resources, videos and more

The Trinity College Dublin Development Issues Series

Staying Warm

There are still large numbers of people sleeping outside, in the cold struggling to find any way to simply stay warm. Ethan Kudler, a final-seven

What makes people good?

In a highly diverse, multi-cultural, post-truth world, John Dornan argues there is even more need to understand the origins of different attitudes and perspectives and

Arguing Democracy – part 1

Following on from last year’s political developments in the United States and the UK, it has become popular to argue that democracy is under immediate

Letter from Lesbos

During the month of August I volunteered with an organisation based on the island of Lesbos which gives legal advice to people seeking refugee status.

What does Peace look like?

Today, the 21st of September, is International Day of Peace. Toni Pyke (and her six year old son) reflect on what peace looks like. On