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Ending Hunger Challenge Badge

You might think that hunger is too big of a problem for you to solve alone, but together we are greater than hunger. Little actions add up, and we can make a real difference in the lives of people around the world. The Ending Hunger Challenge Badge will introduce you

Rugby to the Rescue?

‘Meanwhile in other parts of the world, events continue…’; cue solemn-faced rugby player reminding us that while the World Cup goes on millions remain hungry and requesting viewers to contribute £5.00 to tackle the issue. 

A guide to 5 quick activities on World Food Day

Five quick-fire activities to get you started on teaching the issues, the debates and key ideas around World Food Day, by Colm Regan. Scoilnet World Food Day portal – a great place to start. A teacher-led set of activities and resources covering a large range of hunger and food related

Debating the MDGs

This section includes a number of pieces that discuss and debate the MDGs per se and also other related issues: Do ‘Global Goals’ ever make a difference? – this piece from the UNDP Human Development Report for 2003 discusses the question and offers a number of examples of previous goals,

2011 Global Hunger Index: taming price spikes and excessive food price volatility

Now in its 6th edition, the Global Hunger Index is a joint research report by Concern Worldwide, the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and German NGO Welthungerhilfe.  The Global Hunger Index report ranks countries on three leading indicators: prevalence of child malnutrition; rates of child mortality; and the proportion

Confirming Hope

“Explores how Confirmation can play a key part in the development of global citizens in Ireland and examines how God, through Confirmation, can help and equip us to help to be more active citizens” The teaching resource Confirming Hope: Is split into 4 sessions that each includes: an SDG, Team