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Confirming Hope

“Explores how Confirmation can play a key part in the development of global citizens in Ireland and examines how God, through Confirmation, can help and equip us to help to be more active citizens” The teaching resource Confirming Hope: Is split into 4 sessions that each includes: an SDG, Team

Vandana Shiva On the Real Cause of World Hunger

In this 2009 interview, Vandana Shiva talks about developing countries like her native India where agricultural communities are surrounded by fertile farmland and highly favorable growing conditions yet struggle with high rates of childhood hunger. Much of the food grown by indigenous farmers are exported to richer countries.   For

Farmers using mobile phones in the fight against poverty and hunger across Africa

Mobile phones aren’t just useful as alarm clocks or for making calls, updating your social status and sending messages. Dorothy Jacob from international development NGO Self Help Africa reflects on how farmers in Malawi, Kenya and Uganda are using innovation and technology to lead the fight against hunger. Our lives

Launching 10 Myths About World Hunger – sorting facts from fiction

Today is World Food Day and we are delighted to launch a new pocket-booklet, 10 Myths About World Hunger as part of a new series that looks to sort facts from fiction on key global development, human rights and justice issues. Check out the quick guide to lesson plan ideas

1 in 8 – Human Dignity

According to the 2012 State of Food Insecurity in the World (published by the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation), 870 million people representing 12.5% of world population were ‘chronically undernourished’ in 2010 – 2012 ( This represents 1 in 8 people on our planet at a time when the world

International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C)

No ethnical defence can be made for preserving a cultural practice that damages women’s health and interferes with their sexuality Nahld Toubia MD (a physician from Sudan and clinical professor in the Centre for Sexual Pleasure and Health’s Population and Family Health department) Today, February 6th, is the UN International

Millennium Development Goals

In 2000 the UN Millennium Declaration was adopted at the largest ever meeting of heads of state and committed those countries – rich and poor – to doing all they could to eradicate poverty. Promote human dignity and equality and achieve peace, democracy and environmental sustainability. World leaders agreed to

11 Key International Reports – a guide

Obtaining up-to-date information, facts, figures as well as case studies and viewpoints on important current development and human rights issues has never been easier. Apart from being available on the Internet, such materials are easily accessed through a number of important international reports which are published annually or bi-annually. This