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Junior Cycle User Guide

Development education is a cross curricular activity. That’s not to say that it can’t be taught in a single subject area – many teachers use DE as part of completing curriculum strands or as stimulus material for energising students or building class projects. DE can be flexibly used in many

Using Resources to Explore Issues

Cartoons Photographs Maps Statistics International Reports Case Studies Information Technology [nextpage title=”Cartoons”] Using political cartoons in development and human rights education Political cartoons can be a particularly valuable resource for development and human rights education. They, at their best, encapsulate some very complex issues, different viewpoints and some of the

One World One Future: Irelands policy for international development

“When the White Paper on Irish Aid was published in 2006, it brought Ireland’s contribution to the fight against global poverty and hunger to the centre of our foreign policy – where it rightly belongs. The White Paper enabled us to consolidate our work, and today we have an aid

The sharp end of a global food system

Drought and famine are not extreme events. They are not anomalies. They are merely the sharp end of a global food system that is built on inequality, imbalances and – ultimately – fragility. And they are the regular upshot of a climate that is increasingly hostile and problematic for food