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The sharp end of a global food system

Drought and famine are not extreme events. They are not anomalies. They are merely the sharp end of a global food system that is built on inequality, imbalances and – ultimately – fragility. And they are the regular upshot of a climate that is increasingly hostile and problematic for food

One World One Future: Irelands policy for international development

“When the White Paper on Irish Aid was published in 2006, it brought Ireland’s contribution to the fight against global poverty and hunger to the centre of our foreign policy – where it rightly belongs. The White Paper enabled us to consolidate our work, and today we have an aid

Top 10 HIV-related stories making headlines in 2011

IRIN news recently published the 10 top popular stories that appeared throughout 2011 as they relate to HIV and AIDS: 1. HIV and AIDS turned 30 in 2011! The first case of HIV was reported in 1981 in the USA.  Since then, some 30 million people have died from AIDS

UNAIDS World AIDS Day Report 2011

At 52 pages in length, UNAIDS have produced a report that is accessible, timely and punchy. Divided into three thematic sections – ‘Faster’, ‘Smarter’& ‘Better’ – the report introduces and expands upon the new mapping framework for AIDS investments, focussed on high-impact, high-value strategies following the new targets and time

Education for Sustainable Development Goals – learning objectives

“To create a more sustainable world and to engage with issues related to sustainability as described in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), individuals must become sustainability change-makers. They require the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes that empower them to contribute to sustainable development. Education is thus crucial for the achievement