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The loss of human life [due to hunger] is as great as if an atomic bomb – similar to the one that destroyed Hiroshima during the Second World War – were dropped on a densely populated area every three days Womenaid Press release on Hunger – Photo © George Chelebiev Hunger:

Debating World Hunger

What does it mean to be hungry? The Food and Agriculture Organisation defines ‘chronic hunger’ as: People who are chronically hungry are undernourished. They don’t eat enough to get the energy they need to lead active lives. Their undernourishment makes it hard to study, work or otherwise perform physical activities.

Are you ready for World Food Day 2018?

Tuesday next week, the 16th October, is World Food Day. Toni Pyke sketches out the background to the international day and introduces a new #ZeroHunger series, brought to you by the Professional Development Support Service for Teachers (PDST),, Concern Worldwide and Self Help Africa. World Food Day (WFD) commemorates

Living in the Hollow of Plenty and the Hunger Map

The 20 page briefing paper, Living in the Hollow of Plenty: World Hunger Today and its accompanying support activities are part of the Food Rights Now education and awareness campaign and is designed to provide a set of briefing notes on: different dimensions of world hunger today (definition, measurement, who’s

Global Hunger Index 2019: The challenge of hunger and climate change

The 2019 GHI measures hunger in 117 countries where the assessment is most relevant and where data on all four component indicators are available. 43 countries out of 117 countries have levels of hunger that remain serious 4 countries Chad, Madagascar, Yemen, and Zambia suffer from hunger levels that are

SDG 2. Zero Hunger #SDGchallenge Info Pack

This info pack explores the topic of zero hunger, the focus of SDG 2 and includes: Easy-read introductory exploration of ideas and realities behind achieving zero hunger A 4-step approach – Explore the Goal; Understand; Act; Share 5 personal challenges for participants to work on Info packs are updated monthly