Stories of Change

Showcasing action projects, advocacy and community campaigns.

Stop Funding Hate! Campaign

Stop Funding Hate is a movement of people who refuse to be demonised or divided against each other and who have come together to challenge divisive hate press campaigns of the Sun, Daily Mail and Daily Express by persuading advertisers to pull their support

Can you catch the Energy Bandits?

Students from Presentation College Bray were involved in an Energy Saving Project to meet the challenges of the Green Schools Energy initiative and mark Catholic

Issues night: Child labour

Celtic Youth Bray runs it’s infamous ‘issues night’- an experiential event where youth members (aged 12 – 16) role play the lives of people from other places in the world.

Using technology to explore global issues

GOAL and Bridge21 collaborated on a three-day technology and global issues workshop, held in Bridge21’s purpose-designed learning space in Trinity College, Dublin

One World Week 2013

In 2013, the theme for OWW was ‘The World Young People Want’. One World Week is a week of youth-led awareness raising, education and action

Debate Project Capacity Building for Tutors

The capacity building programme aimed to engage tutors in learning and teaching about Development Education (DE) in existing adult education programmes. The DEBATE Project developed

Human Rights Biographies

The human rights biographies project was designed to encourage participants to explore their own personal experiences of human rights issues in their own lives to

World Don’t Hide – Cherish Every Child

Raising awareness of children’s lives in developing countries, as explored by St Ciaran’s NS, Hartstown, Dublin fifth class teacher Maeve Gilligan. We took part in

M2M – Millstreet to Malawi

The idea for M2M-Millstreet to Malawi arose from the clip contained on the Trócaire website relating to the Lenten Campaign 2014 (see links section below).


Econowha? Is an online educational resource that is available online for free. It is comprised of a 9 part lesson plan, featuring guest bloggers for

Famine Walk

The Famine Walk project is an annual walk commemorating those who died in the Irish Famine and about linking the famine experience in Ireland with

MDG’s Education Campaign

An advocacy capacity building exercise involving students in directly lobbying Brussels and New York on the MDG agenda in 2008. The project was conceived as

Mini-NGOs in Schools

The Mini-NGOs in schools initiative is part of the Global Citizens Network Project in 2013-14. Less Charity – more Justice!We wanted to move beyond ‘charitable’