SDG 17

Partnerships for the Goals

25 Resources found for SDG 17

Start Now! Activate toolkit

Year: 2015 | Published by: UNICEF Ireland

This resource provides a guideline for young people to take on an issue that they care about and become activists. …

Anti-Rumours Resource pack

Year: | Published by: Doras Luimní

The anti-rumours campaign aims to dispel the widespread myths and misconceptions around the topic of immigration and migrant integration, by …

The Common Cause Handbook

Year: 2011 | Published by: Public Interest Research Centre

This resource is ‘A Guide to Values and Frames for Campaigners, Community Organisers, Civil Servants, Fundraisers, Educators, Social Entrepreneurs, Activists, …

Global agreements, grassroots and advocacy – youth and governance in a post 2015 world

Year: 2015 | Published by: Action Aid, British Youth Council, Plan UK, Restless Development

This toolkit is designed for young people who want to be global activists in ensuring young people’s voice is heard …

Be The Revolution

Year: 2011 | Published by: Afri, Children in Crossfire, Possibilities.ie, Spunout

This resource includes many short prose on various topics relating to revolution. It is designed very well and is capturing …