Top 20 resources during 2019 on

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2019 was a busy year on a whole range of issues, ranging in everything from climate strike events across the world to fact checks and fighting hoaxes. Here’s the top 20 resources from the resources library used in 2019.

Top 20 most popular resources from the resources library in 2019

  1. Education for Sustainable Development Goals – learning objectives by UNESCO
  2. A Human Rights Perspective on Development by Omar Grech, 80:20
  3. The Paper Bag Game by Christian Aid
  4. Cowspiracy: the sustainability secret by AUM Films
  5. Learning to Read the World Through Other Eyes by Vanessa Andreotti & Lynn Mario T. M. de Souza, Global Education Derby
  6. Africa Regions Series – Central Africa, East Africa, North Africa and South Africa by Africa Centre
  7. I Am Slave by Jeremy Brock
  8. Animation: The World’s Largest Lesson Introduced by Malala Yousafzai by Project Everyone
  9. Short film: Yu Ming Is Ainm Dom by TG4
  10. Challenge to Change: a Development Education Project in Presentation Schools by Presentation Education Office
  11. Guidelines for Producing Development Education Resources by, Dóchas and IDEA
  12. Slumdog Millionaire
  13. 10 Myths About Global Hunger by and Scoilnet
  14. Dimensions of Development by KADE
  15. A Matter of life and death: An introduction to the death penalty for second level students by Amnesty Ireland
  16. If the World Were a Village by David J Smith
  17. Life Stories by NYCI
  18. Intercultural Education in the Primary School – guidelines for schools by NCCA
  19. The Community Builder’s approach to Theory of change. A Practical Guide to Theory Development by The Aspen Institute
  20. Short Course: Sustainability – in my Community and in My World by North Wicklow Educate Together, Cork Educate Together Secondary School